FAQ Bingo!
Please see our BINGO! page for rules, numbers and prizes. The official KILLERSIMS BINGO! page is located in the main menu and in the 10TH FLOOR > GAME HALL

Where is the Bingo Counter?
You should see the counter at the bottom left hand side of the KILLERSIMS website.

I don't see a counter, it only shows a grey square.
Please enable JAVA in your browser. You need to have at least Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape Navigator 2.0 or any other JAVA compatible browser.

I don't see a counter, it only shows -------
The counter normally shows ------- for a short moment when it's initializing and will then display the numbers. If the counter stays with ------- there seems to be a problem to establish the connection to the counter host due to the following reasons:
  • the host server has problems,
  • you are not connected to the internet
  • you are connected to the internet but the counter tried to establish the connection in offline mode. This can happen when you open your browser, connect to KILLERSIMS and then connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Stay connected, close all browser windows and open the browser again. This should work.
  • you are behind a firewall. Please remove the firewall on port 1107. You probably have to check that with your system administrator
  • the connection is too slow

    I don't know how to use PRINT SCREEN
    PRINT SCREEN is a feature of the windows operating system to capture a screenshot. There's probably something similar on MAC systems. Maybe somebody can forward me instructions so I can post them here. There are also free tools available to get the same results but if you get used to PRINT SCREEN you will find out, it's pretty easy to use and you also can use it to make screenshots of the Sims.
    First of all, locate the PRINT SCREEN key on your keyboard. It may also be called PRT SCRN or DRUCKEN on a German keyboard and it is right above the cursor keys on top of the keyboard. The first key of the 3 separate keys. Everytime you press this key, windows generates a screenshot of the current screen in the memory (clipboard). The next time you press it, it replaces the previous screenshot with a new one. It can only hold one screenshot a time and you will NOT get any feedback, nor will the screenshot appear on your screen, it is only in the computer's memory. So if the Bingo number appears, press the key immediately, but make sure you catch it when the number's really there.
    So how do you get this screenshot into a file or into an email to send. You need to open a graphics program. The best thing would be one that is able to save pictures as JPG files, since this makes the filesize a bit lower so it'seasier to send. If you don't have any graphics software, as a windows user you definitely have MS PAINT. MAC users may have a similar software. Click the START button > Programs > Accessories > Paint. If the screenshot is in the clipboard you will be able to paste it now. Select Edit > Paste. If the Paste menu item does not appear, there's no screenshot in your clipboard. Otherwise, after clicking Paste you will now see the screen in your graphics program. If you are used to this program, you may clip the file a bit to decrease the file size. After everything is done, we need to save it. Go to FILE > SAVE AS... and name it however you want to save it on your harddisk. Now all you have yo do is to attach this file to en email and send it to us.

    TIP: Instead of using PRINT SCREEN, you can also use ALT-PRINT SCREEN. This will only copy the window that currently has the focus. So make sure you have the browser active and focused (just by clicking in it) before you use ALT-PRINT SCREEN

    Is there any other way to make screenshots?
    There is some shareware available. Also a few image editing programs (i.e. Paint Shop Pro) have a screen capture feature that you can use. Or Sim Camera (www.simprograms.com)

    So what if the Bingo! number covers different combinations?
    There will be no additional prizes on combinations of Bingo! numbers. The number of prizes will only be the highest number. For example the Bingo number would be 5111111. This would be 5 free downloads for x111111 and no download for xx11111.

    How do I know what the next Bingo! number will be?
    Please see the KILLERSIMS Bingo! page in our Game Hall at www.killersims.com main menu

    To get further help, please ask in the KILLERSIMS eGroups 10TH FLOOR > COMMUNITY