Pet Food Maiz Pet Food Flower Mix Pet Food Vegetable Mix Pet Food Summer Flower Mix Plump up your porker with this delicious pig slop. Composed of Wheat Flour, partially hydronated soybean oil, whey, salt, sodium caseinate, monosodium glutamate, sorbitan monostearate, thiamin mononitrate and artificial colors. Different flavors: Maiz, Flower Mix, Vegetable Mix and Summer Flower Mix. Most of the pets in Sim City seem to like it.
We strongly recommend to read the instructions that come with the food

Created by Trond
$ 8  TS

Fish Food Fish food for tropical fishes. But other pets seem to like it too.
We strongly recommend to read the instructions that come with the food

$ 8  TS DT

You can find me in the Pet Shop Pet Food Special Dog Food for Maggie Mae
The best food for Maggie Mae. It not only will keep her coat helthy, it will keep er happy! This foor has all the nutrients she needs. Other dogs probably don't like it.

by Dreamer
$ 10  TS DT

You can find me in the Pet Shop Pet Food Pet Food Pet Food Dogfood and water
Take good care of your dog with this fun dog food and make sure your dog has enough water.

by Nanette
$ 10  TS DT IS

Pet Food Bowl Pet Food Bowl Pet PlaCater
Pets don't understand money, so why spend a fortune on them? The Pet PlaCater will comfortably store your pet's food and water for those precious moments between when you fill it, and they eat it. It doesn't do much else, because it doesn't need to. Its durable polypropyloam molded design means it will probably outlast you, your pet, and likely civilization as we know it.

$ 45  UL DT IS OT

Pet Food Bowl Pet Food Bowl Annapurna Pet Feeder
In a monastery at the base of Annapurna in Nepal, monks are working day and night to produce dishes which are fit to be used as fingerbowls for the Dalai Lama. Bowls deemed 'slightly irregular' have instead been used to feed the monastery's many animal friends. These bowls have finally made their way to you, the discerning pet owner. Treat your pet to a banquet in Nirvana each time you feed them. The patience, compassion, and tolerance of the monks who craft these bowls will find its way into your house when you bring home a piece of Annapurna.

$ 119  UL DT IS OT

Rabbit - Unleashed Rabbit - Unleashed Bunnies
... it all started when we bought this cute little bunny in the Pet Shop at KILLERSIMS two days before Easter. It was running around in the garden all day long. The next day we couldn't believe our eyes. There were thousands of them.... We finally adopted a cat and got it trained. So now it's chasing the poor little bunnies all day long.

$ 20  UL

Pet Food Trash
Tribbles, Bunnies

$ 10  TS DT IS OT ST

Pet Food Pet Food Straw
Tribbles, Bunnies

$ 10  TS DT IS OT ST

Dino Food TRex Food Dino and T-Rex Food