Cow Cow Cow Holstein Cow
Awake at 4 A.M. with nothing to do? Milk Bessie, the docile Holstein! Also look for her calf, they are the perfect pair for your barnyard.
Fill your barnyard with the pitter patter of little hooves! This beautiful Holstein calf belongs right along side Bessie for a contented cow family.

Created by Nanette

$ 3000  TS

Cow Jersey Cow
There's nothing like a lazy cow roaming the barn yard and grazing. Your sims can lounge at the corral fence and watch her roam about, and she loves to be pet, that is if you can keep up with her!

Created by Nanette

$ 3000  TS DT

Learn more about GPD This animal is classified as GPD class 1 and might spread the Guinea Pig Disease GPD. The GPD virus can infect Sims and may lead to sickness and death for the Sims if you do not follow daily hygiene rules.
The SimCity Veterinarian Department