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Sim City After months of town meetings local residents are clearly fed up with the lack of facilities regarding the town's pet problem. The Mayor has decided to pass an ordinance which would fund the creation of a new organization the 'Association of Sims Providing Cute Animals'. The funding will enable the building of a new state-of-the art kennel designed to furnish temporary homes for pets awaiting adoption, and modest incomes for the now overworked volunteers who have until now been keeping abandoned and unwanted pets in their private homes. A spokesperson for the new society was quoted as saying, 'We have an abundance of beautiful pets who deserve loving homes. Many of the pets are affectionate and quite beautiful and I believe they would be a wonderful addition to each and every home.' The Mayor stated in his address that once opened the facility will make several animals now waiting for adoption available in the upcoming weeks and will promise to add new pets frequently over the upcoming months.

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Learn more about GPD This animal is classified as GPD class 1 and might spread the Guinea Pig Disease GPD. The GPD virus can infect Sims and may lead to sickness and death for the Sims if you do not follow daily hygiene rules.
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