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Jurassim Park
Once only the dream of the most imaginative scientists, the secret of dinosaur DNA has been uncovered! Using the amber encased mosquito perched upon his cane the Mayor held the entire town in rapt fascination as he illustrated the breakthrough of hatching live dinosaurs. Men gasped and women swooned as Brontosaurus thundered across the fields, Velociraptors exposed razor sharp teeth and Pterodactyls circled casting huge shadows across the crowds. Fearless children discovered however that Jurrasim Park dinos are gentle as lambs and with carefully constructed fences can be part of the most spectacular spectacle any Sim has ever seen!

Earlier KSIMS-TV report:
'Not just a zoo, it's an event' so Sim City Mayor, when we asked him about the rumor spreading around in Sim City about the new Jurassim Park project. 'And it will be such an event that the whole world will be jealously looking at us.' So it is actually true that Sim City officials are planning to open a new event park with pre-historic animals. The KSIMS-TV team was the first team that got invited to get a preview on this killer project. A science professor who does not want to be named 'As I told you earlier I don't want to comment on any question relating the source of the DNA or the location of the theme park. All I can say, it will become a big success and it is a great challenge for us. We already have the first baby brontosaurus and a couple of baby velociraptors. My wife is taking care of them in our gara.. ummmm somewhere in a laboratory. And a pterodactyl is flying around in a big cage in our garden.' 'Does this mean, Professor Unknown, that Sim City will become a very danger place to live?' 'Stubborn, Professor Stubborn. Sim City will not be more dangerous as it is now. We have learned. And our security system will be the best ever. Apart from Guinea Pig Disease, there will be no danger coming from these animals. And as you know, even GPD can be cured now.' So we are really looking forward for this great event the opening of Jurassim Park will be announced soon at KILLERSIMS.COM so stay tuned.

Theme by Nanette
Thanks to Claw / 7 Deadly Sims for the permission to distribute the fences and the SUV and finally thanks to Trond / simstitution.com for the support

Kids have free entry to the park  TS LL DT SV

Velociraptor Brontosaurus Tyrannosaurus Pterodactyl Dinosaur Hatchery Dinosaur Skeleton Dino Food TRex Food Jurassim Park Gate Jurassim Park Sign Jurassim Park Sign Jurassim Park Sign
Jurassim Park Fence Jurassim Park Fence Jurassim Park Fence Jurassim Park Fence Jurassim Park Car

Set 1: Velociraptor, Brontosaurus, T-Rex, Pterodactyl
Set 2: Dino Hatchery, Skeleton, Dino Food
Set 3: Gate, Signs, decorative Walls and Floors
Set 4: Jurassim Park Fences
Set 5: Jurassim Park SUV

Learn more about GPD This animal is classified as GPD class 1 and might spread the Guinea Pig Disease GPD. The GPD virus can infect Sims and may lead to sickness and death for the Sims if you do not follow daily hygiene rules.
The SimCity Veterinarian Department