Sparky Sparky Spikey Pitbull by Steve Dog by Steve Maggie Mae by Dreamer Collie by Nanette Pomeranian by Nanette Saint Bernard by Nanette German Shepherd by Nanette
The first dogs in SimCity only here in Killersims Petshop. Meet Sparky and his friends and make sure your carpet is not the most expensive one.
Worried about thiefs? Security alarms arent cutting it? Then get this pit bull! 100% pure breed pit bull and no only is he a great watch dog but he's a great companion too! He got a new trimming, the poodle ladies will like it.
Then there is Maggie Mae, the friendly Beagle dog. She likes to keep her eyes on the look out though, no matter where you are her eyes follow you! Maggie Mae is a quiet dog and a bit unusual, but she is adorable! She doesn't snore when she sleeps! The perfect pet for you, and if you treat her right she'll make sure not to soil your house.
Collie: This gentle companion is the perfect friend for your child. Collie owners know a good fence is needed to keep this beauty from roaming the neighborhood. ASPCA Association of Sims Providing Cute Animals Campaign

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$ 150 - 1200  TS DT IS

Count Pugula by Nanette
Count Pugula
Clown paintings and midnight ghosts pale in comparison to the fear that this vampire pug can strike into the hearts of the Sims!
Happy Halloween!

$ 650  TS DT IS OT

Learn more about GPD This animal is classified as GPD class 1 and might spread the Guinea Pig Disease GPD. The GPD virus can infect Sims and may lead to sickness and death for the Sims if you do not follow daily hygiene rules.
The SimCity Veterinarian Department