It's vacation time and here we come up with another contest where you can

Win a license to free shopping with a SimsHost subscription and more...
Win FREE Shopping!

The winner of the contest will be awarded with a 1 year subscription to KILLERSIMS/SimsHost with unlimited download access to KILLERSIMS.COM and all 50+ Sims sites hosted by This means FREE shopping at KILLERSIMS for a whole year. All you have to do is to send us a KILLERSIMS Fan Salute photo of your vacation time - send a photograph, (not a 'graphic', use a camera!) where you show the whole world that you are the biggest KILLERSIMS fan.

The coolest submission wins. No idea what it is? Say for example you plan a trip to Egypt, so how about a photo of you in front of the pyramids after you sprayed KILLERSIMS.COM on them? No trip to Egypt planned? But you may be so lucky to go on vacation with your parents or your friends. Take a camera with you. If there's a beach around, write the word KILLERSIMS in the sand and send us the photo. No beach around? How about you enjoying a cool drink in the garden or on your balcony, write the word KILLERSIMS on a banner or the wall behind you and have somebody making a photo. Or just stand in front of a famous site or landscape holding a sign that says KILLERSIMS You may have a much cooler idea. We wanna know... Whatever you do, make sure it's cool, funny, authentic and unique and don't forget to take a photo. This is your ticket to win.

Send your scanned photo together with your details, some info about yourself and the story of the photo to If you have problems to get your photo in your computer, please contact us in advance, we'll find a solution.

You can submit one or more photos
Photos have to be authentic, edited photos are not allowed
Last day of submission is August 31 2003
The best photos will be posted at KILLERSIMS

First Winner: 1 year KILLERSIMS/SimsHost membership subscription
Second Winner: FREE Shopping at KILLERSIMS (20 pieces in your cart)
Third Winner: FREE Shopping at KILLERSIMS (10 pieces in your cart)
Fourth Winner: FREE Shopping at KILLERSIMS (5 pieces in your cart)

*** Subscription includes a bonus of 2 USD in your download account which covers approximately 57 MB of downloads. Further bandwidth usage of 3.5 cents/MB download is not included. Learn more about SimsHost at